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  • banana ice cream

    Vegan Banana Ice-Cream 

    Summer is the ideal time for ice-cream and this recipe isn’t loaded with sugar or dairy. It can be enjoyed without feeling bloated or guilty for having a ...

    On June 18, 2018 / By
  • smoothie

    Vanilla Superhero Smoothie

    This vegan smoothie is packed with a ton of nutrients and tastes so satisfying. Aloha’s plant based vanilla protein powder has become my go-to for anything breakfast related… ...

    On June 5, 2018 / By
  • Vegan Jackfruit Tacos
    Lunch & Dinner

    Vegan Jackfruit Tacos 

    These tacos will blow your mind. They seriously taste like chicken tacos and the ingredients are so awesome. Jackfruit is a fruit, that once cooked has a similar ...

    On June 4, 2018 / By
  • tiramisu

    Gluten-Free Tiramisu 

    In honor of Mother’s Day tomorrow, I am sharing this special recipe that my mom and I created together. We both love tiramisu so much and wanted to ...

    On May 12, 2018 / By
  • vegan pizza
    Lunch & Dinner

    GG Vegan Pizza

    Four Scandinavian bran crisp fiber crackers contain only 80 calories and a whopping 16g of belly filling fiber! They are the perfect swap for a carb loaded bagel ...

    On April 9, 2018 / By
  • beyond meat burger
    Lunch & Dinner

    Juicy Vegan Burger

    I am so happy I discovered beyond meat burgers at Whole Foods. They were in the vegan section and looked exactly like regular burgers, only they are 100% ...

    On April 2, 2018 / By

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    Fighting Inflammation with Yalda Alaoui

    Yalda Alaoui is a dear friend of mine from London who I met through Instagram. It is truly fascinating how many incredible friendships I have made over the ...

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  • gg pancakes

    What I Eat in a Day F-Factor Step 1

    If you’ve been reading my blog for awhile, you know that I am a huge fan of Tanya Zuckerbrot’s F-Factor program. I have been following her recommendations for ...

    On June 6, 2018 / By
  • What I’m Loving

    F-FACTOR Ebook

    I was eighteen years old when I first discovered Tanya Zuckerbrot, the founder of F-Factor. I remember looking up to her and thinking ‘wow, this woman is not ...

    On May 29, 2018 / By