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  • chinese-chicken
    Lunch & Dinner 0

    Chinese Chicken with Veggies

    I created this Chinese Chicken with Veggies for the F-Factor x Healthy with Nedi Step 1 Recipes Ebook. The full ebook features 39 recipes spanning across breakfast, lunch ...

    On February 19, 2019 / By
  • chocolate, lava, cake, dessert, sweet, valentines day
    Dessert 0

    Chocolate Lava Cake

    I am a big chocolate lover! If I see a warm chocolate cake on the dessert menu, I am getting it. My mom and I experimented with this ...

    On February 14, 2019 / By
  • tuna, poke, bowl, cauliflower rice, seafood
    Lunch & Dinner 0

    Tuna Poke Bowl

    I love poke bowls since my university days at NYU. There were so many spots near my campus that served them and I often had a poke bowl ...

    On February 11, 2019 / By
  • Mediterranean-eggplant-parm-vegan
    Lunch & Dinner 0

    Mediterranean Eggplant Boats

    I absolutely love eggplant parmesan and this is my healthy version of it. Most recipes call for frying or baking the eggplant but by boiling it first, the ...

    On February 4, 2019 / By
  • chicken-bone-broth
    Soups & Salads 2

    Chicken Bone Broth

    Since the beginning of January, I have started to drink bone broth daily. It warms me up on my morning walk to the gym and it’s very soothing ...

    On January 26, 2019 / By
  • vegan-tzatziki-dairy free
    Dips & Spreads 2

    Vegan Tzatziki

    Recently, I have been avoiding cow’s milk dairy and have been getting creative in the kitchen. I love tzatziki, it is something I grew up eating weekly and ...

    On January 23, 2019 / By

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