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  • gg pancakes

    Fluffy Fiber Pancakes 

    I absolutely love pancakes and really enjoy creating healthier versions of them. These GG pancakes are perfect for those of you following F-Factor Step 1 and it is ...

    On July 30, 2018 / By
  • Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies 

    Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies 

    These cookies are absolute perfection. I recently discovered tiger nut flour and these cookies turned out really well. The recipe is similar to the way they show on ...

    On July 22, 2018 / By
  • scallops
    Lunch & Dinner

    Carb-Free Mushroom Risotto With Scallops

    Similar to a risotto, only without all the carbs! I love using Better Than Rice zero carb rice in place of regular rice. It looks and tastes exactly ...

    On July 16, 2018 / By
  • banana ice cream

    Vegan Banana Ice-Cream 

    Summer is the ideal time for ice-cream and this recipe isn’t loaded with sugar or dairy. It can be enjoyed without feeling bloated or guilty for having a ...

    On June 18, 2018 / By
  • smoothie

    Vanilla Superhero Smoothie

    This vegan smoothie is packed with a ton of nutrients and tastes so satisfying. Aloha’s plant based vanilla protein powder has become my go-to for anything breakfast related… ...

    On June 5, 2018 / By
  • Vegan Jackfruit Tacos
    Lunch & Dinner

    Vegan Jackfruit Tacos 

    These tacos will blow your mind. They seriously taste like chicken tacos and the ingredients are so awesome. Jackfruit is a fruit, that once cooked has a similar ...

    On June 4, 2018 / By

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    Top Restaurants in Rome 

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    Athens Restaurants

    As you guys know, I absolutely LOVE being in Greece and eating all of the great food that the country has got to offer. With all of the ...

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