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  • cauliflower korma
    Lunch & Dinner 0

    Vegan Cauliflower Korma 

    Indian food is one of my favorite cuisines but can often leave us feeling a bit overstuffed. I created this lighter version of cauliflower korma, using coconut milk ...

    On March 19, 2018 / By
  • green salad
    Soups & Salads 0

    Super Green Salad 

    On a recent trip to Bulgaria, my cousin Mila, invited us for dinner at her beautiful home. I immediately accepted and was super excited as she is a ...

    On March 12, 2018 / By
  • octopus
    Lunch & Dinner 0

    Spanish Octopus with Potatoes

    Octopus is quite delicious and when cooked properly it can melt in your mouth. I’ve heard of so many different ways of preparing it and I believe that ...

    On March 8, 2018 / By
  • banana muffins
    Dessert 0

    Banana Muffins with Maple-Tahini Glaze

    These banana muffins are insanely delicious and the perfect treat for Valentine’s Day. My mom and I created this recipe using only almond flour, but I tailored it ...

    On February 11, 2018 / By
  • Grain-Free Spinach Muffins
    Breakfast 0

    Grain-Free Spinach Muffins

    This is a great low-carb, high in fiber and protein breakfast option. Starting off your morning with fiber and protein is the best way to ensure you stay ...

    On January 16, 2018 / By
  • cauliflower crust pizza
    Lunch & Dinner 2

    Cauliflower Crust Veggie Pizza 

    Cauliflower crust pizza is a great alternative to regular pizza crust. It is higher in fiber, lower in calories and carbs. One regular slice of cheese pizza can ...

    On January 8, 2018 / By

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  • Nutrition 0

    What I Eat in a Day

    One of the most asked questions I get from all my readers is “What do you eat in a day?” I decided to share with you what a ...

    On March 14, 2018 / By
  • Woo lubricant
    Wellness 0

    Let’s Talk About Sex, Baby

    If you guys have been following my most recent Instagram stories, then you know I recently made the switch to all NON-TOXIC skincare! This includes LUBE too!! After ...

    On March 7, 2018 / By
  • Interviews 4

    Alice Panikian’s Non-Toxic Beauty Secrets

    I met Alice many years ago and we bonded over feta cheese… but not just any feta, Bulgarian feta. If you guys haven’t tried it then I suggest ...

    On March 5, 2018 / By