Summer Smoothies EBook


Healthy with Nedi’s beautiful Summer Smoothie e-book includes 11 delicious and nutritious smoothies, such as the Detox Smoothie, a Creamy Cashew smoothie, a healthy Watermelon Shake and more! This e-book also includes nutrition tips and Healthy with Nedi’s Guide to Superfoods. Buy this e-book and you’ll be on your way to feeling and looking great!

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In this beautiful summer smoothie e-book, you will find:

  • 11 Delicious and Nutritious Smoothies
  • Nutrition Tips for all of your Favorite Smoothies
  • Healthy with Nedi’s Guide to Superfoods

Get access to delicious summer smoothies like:

  • Detox Smoothie
  • Morning Sunrise
  • Watermelon Shake
  • Creamy Cashew
  • Pineapple Avocado


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